Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What are the cat's needs?

We are very fortunate to still have my Norwegian Forest Cat mix, James Bond, with us at the age of seventeen, (that's 85 in cat years!) and for him to be still fairly hale and hearty.

Just like large dogs, large cats don't have the longevity edge of their smaller cousins. I give a lot of the credit to our commitment to excellent care. We not only provide for the needs of James' body by fussing over his food and water, we also give him peace of mind by fussing over his litter box and scratching areas.

There's few things more frustrating than not realizing we are messing up their care, and then dealing with our frantic cat trying to signal their distress. When a cat doesn't use their litter box, scratches the furniture, and doesn't drink enough water... it really is our fault. Because when we do provide the proper care, our cat then loves to behave the way we want them to.

I discuss how to evaluate our food choices with The Cat Food Calculator. Find the tips and tricks about easy litter box maintenance I explained in what cats expect from their litter box setup.

We can't be happy when our basic needs are not met. Our cat is the same way!
    Meet all our cat's needs with my all-in-one problem solving care manual, Cat 911.