Monday, February 3, 2014

Picking the right kitten

While we can influence our kitten, we cannot mold them. They come with their own personalities!

This is why I urge people to give some thought to the kind of kitten they would like... and give them tips on how to choose that kind of kitten.

While we took on our most recent kitten, Tristan, as a 3 week old orphan, if he had been six weeks old, I would have been able to tell he was an Alpha. This means he has plenty of energy, plenty of curiosity, and plenty of affection... if we are able to meet those needs.

Our Maine Coon mix, Reverend Jim, was an easily identifiable Beta cat. Sure enough, he has been a friend to everyone, a mellow boy who is easy to make happy when his social needs are met.

James Bond always had Gamma tendencies, and his shyness turned into devotion, once I reached his big heart.

It is important to know what Cat Type would work best for our home, with our existing cats, dogs, and people. Then we know what to expect, and what to give them to make them happy.

Listen to my podcast, How to Pick the Right Kitten. Take my SelectSmart quiz, What Cat Personality Will Be a Good Match? to find the right kitten for you!

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