Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Do cats care for us?

Cats are not only emotionally connected to us, they are invested in caring for us, and increasing our well-being.

How can I be so sure? I've been carefully cared-for these past several weeks, as I've been struggling with a long bout of illness.

Tristan is in his own bag! He can come!
Many people are not aware that a cat's purr is actually a potent healing force. It operates at a frequency known to increase cellular growth, reduce swelling and inflammation, along with many other healing properties. And cats are willing to share this magic with us.

As seen at left, my youngest cat, Tristan, continually shows me that he misses me when I'm gone... and always comes up with a new scheme to accompany me on my errands. I appreciate the thought, even though I don't let him out of the house.

Anyone who has been "owned by a cat" has a story to tell about how they tried to look after us when we are sick, or came up with a way of getting us to feel better.

As I explain in my blog post, The Paw of Compassion, our cats actually exhibit empathy with their human friends, and care if we are feeling down; whether that's physical, or emotional.

Listen to my podcast about the cat's Paw of Compassion, and hear some extraordinary stories about how cats made a difference in the lives of their humans.

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