Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'm a fan of multiple cats

I find cats more fun in bunches! From the very beginning of my cat enjoyment journey, I have been astonished and delighted by how cats interact, share responsibilities, and amuse each other and their humans. Properly supported, they can achieve a level of social sophistication that must be experienced to be believed.

Our three "kittens" love to play together
Many people worry about committing to another cat, no matter how much they would like to have another.

How can we choose the right cat to add?

How can we blend this new cat with our existing cats?

How can we smooth out difficulties if our cats have disagreements?

I cover a lot of the pitfalls... and how to avoid them.

We can have several cats who get along, delight us with their antics, and create what I call Cat Civilization. Because when we engage our cat's "social operating system," they are happy to be contributing members to a social arena with jobs, duties, and negotiations.

Mutual experience leads to social expertise; for both cats, and humans.

My podcast explains how much fun it is to have Multiple Cats.

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